About Skipper Innovations

Skipper Innovations is a website design and digital marketing company based in Nashville, TN.

We have three main goals:

  1. To be the go-to, and best web design company in Middle Tennessee
  2. To help businesses around the world reach and impact their communities more effectively through high-quality website design, a powerful social media presence, through intelligent Internet marketing and SEO Optimization.

If you need any of these things, check out my “Latest Work” page and then contact me directly through e-mail, social media, Telephone or on my contact page.

About the Skippers

Jason Skipper Profile PictureJason Skipper is the owner and founder of “Skipper Innovations”. He was born and raised in Oakland, MD, served as a missionary in Bolivia (South America) for 15 years, and today lives with his wife Norah and children (Erynn, Jordan & Derrick) in Nashville, TN.

Ministry in Bolivia

At the ripe young age of 20, Jason moved to the South American Country of Bolivia in 1996 as a missionary. His first two years of ministry there were as an English teacher at a local theological seminary and as a co-pastor in a local church.

After meeting Norah, a student in the seminary, and marrying in January of 1998, the Skippers planted their first church in April of that same year. Little known to them, that church would be the first of many churches and ministries that the Skippers would plant.

During their 15 years of ministry in Bolivia, the Skippers planted multiple churches. God continues to touch the lives of many people today through those ministries that the Skippers left with leaders that they had mentored while there.

Digital Necessity & Innovation

Jason’s love for technology began at a young age. The huge need that they faced while in Bolivia drove him to turn that love into abundant knowledge and skills.

Skipper began building his first computers in 1998. Because of the difficulty in obtaining legitimate software in Bolivia (almost all software sold at the time was pirated, and importing software cost a fortune), the large growth of their church, and a curiosity that is never-ending, Jason learned to extremely adept and innovative in many areas.

From creating wireless networks that spanned 5 city blocks with a spaghetti strainer; Learning Open Source software and Coding (Linux, Object Pascal, Objective C, HTML, PHP, Javascript, Python & more) to creating and managing multiple websites, databases, programs & apps for their churches & organization; Learning Graphic Design, Marketing & Social Networking skills; To Audio Editing, Audio Engineering, Video editing, Stage Lighting, etc.; Skipper has become extremely knowledgeable and effective at using technology as a tool to impact the world around us.The Skipper Family (in order: Jason Skipper, Derrick Skipper, Norah Skipper, Jordan Skipper, Erynn Skipper)

Back in the USA

After moving back to the USA in 2011, he quickly got a job at Apple in Franklin, TN, becoming an Apple certified Trainer and Technician.  In May of 2014, Jason left that job, going on his own with Skipper Innovations and to dedicate his time and energy to the ministry. In June of 2015, the Skipper’s moved to Rome, GA to work with the Hispanic arm of “Journey Church“, “Journey en Español“.

In February of 2017, Jason, Norah, Erynn, Jordan and Derrick moved back to Nashville to plant another world-changing church through the Association of Related Churches (ARC).


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