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Catching Up

Catching Up


By looking at my website, you would most likely assume that Skipper Innovations was completely inactive! I admit, I'm not the greatest at keeping the website up-to-date, but the truth is that I have been busier than ever with work over the past several months.

I have been working on projects for several businesses and organizations around the Middle Tennessee area, as well as on some personal projects of my own. Let me share just a little about what has been going on in my world.

Revenue Developers

I have been working as a contractor with an advertising agency in Nashville called Revenue Developers/Media Negotiator. With them, I have been doing all sorts of creative work; making broadcast television advertising spots, Graphics Design for newspaper ads, Copy writing for radio and newspaper ads, Website maintenance, etc. It's been great working with the owner John Haggard, and it has kept me quite busy over the past 6-8 months.

Website Design

I've built several websites for friends and clients over the past several months. Kim Burde at had me design a website for her business last month. Follow the link to check it out! You can also see a short video of the front page below.

I've also put together a basic website for the Middle Tennessee Disc Golf Association at You can check out that website following the link as well. Below are a few screenshots...

Web App Development

One of the BIG projects that I've been working on is a sports management software that I intend to sell as a SAAS (Software As A Service) in the near future. It's simply called "Disc Golf Club Manager", and it will be an awesome piece of software for Disc Golf Clubs all over the globe! It is meant to keep up with all Club data including players, events, scores, points standings, payouts, tags, and EVERYTHING that a Disc Golf Club would need in order to function. (This may seem very niche to those who aren't involved in Disc Golf, but there are literally thousands of clubs around the USA alone, and the need for some sort of management system is huge. It's an incredibly involved job, done by volunteers, and there is no software that will help do what this does at all) 

I have written the software in Python using Flask, Jinja2 and Bootstrap 4 for those who are interested. I'm not far from a releasable version, and will post a demo and video showing it off asap! In the meanwhile, you can see a few screenshots from it as it is at the moment.

Disc Golf Club Manager Events Page
Disc Golf Club Manager Home Page

Other Personal Projects

I have also been working on another online training course much like "WebBuild" was. It is a Spanish Course, where I teach Hispanic Entrepreneurs how to grow and flourish their businesses online. This project will be using an entire online marketing funnel: from Facebook Marketing, Live Webinars, Video Sales Letters, Upsells, etc.

I also have been working (dreaming more than making progress) on a web app/website that will be the "Wikipedia" of Miracles that God has done throughout the world. The dream is to create a website that people throughout the world can go to share the incredible miracles that God has done in their lives. From Physical and Emotional Healing, Financial Blessings and Freedom from Substance abuse to the power of prayer in our everyday lives, and so much more. We have seen God move in just amazing and powerful ways throughout our lives and ministry, and feel that those stories of God change need to be shared and catalogued for the world to see!

Your Project:

If you have a need for any sort of project to help build and/or grow your business, I bet that I can help you make it great! Feel free to get in touch and lets talk about what we can do to make it happen.

May God bless you richly,


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