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I Asked For It… Busy!

I Asked For It… Busy!


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Wow... I need to be careful what I ask for... The last few weeks have been insanely busy! I've really been pushing and trying to get Skipper Innovations up and running, and it didn't take long! I am now working on three different Web Design projects (other than my own personal projects), and I have a conference call for another possible project on Thursday! On top of that, we are at full go with the Hispanic Ministry at Journey Church. Good times. Trust me, I'm not complaining. We are so tremendously blessed. God is Good.

What Am I Working On?

Web Design

My website design projects include a graphic/website design for a non-profit organization that is launching here in Rome and two simple one page designs for a roofing company and a new automotive company close to the Richard B. Russell Regional Airport in Armurchee (North Rome). For the most part, these aren't extremely hard, so I will be able to take on more work. I'm just excited about the word getting out!

Putting Together a New Auditorium at the Church

Great things are happening at our church. This past week we put together a new auditorium at Journey that the Hispanic ministry can call it's own. It's a really cool room. It's not huge, but we will be expanding it over the next month or so. At this point it can seat around 60 people, and after the renovation it should hold at least double that. Once we grow beyond that amount we will move to the main auditorium at the church.

We fixed up the stage and built a Pallet Board backing wall that looks really neat. I then set up lights, the sound system and the projection system for the room. At this point, we don't have a full worship team, so I have set up a system where I can run Multi-Tracks in the background while I play keyboard and lead worship. It's a great little system. I can start the tracks with a foot pedal, I can record everything with the touch of a button, and the sound is awesome! One of my goals with this business is to help others churches and organizations put together systems like this. Here's a pic of the room right now.

Journey Hispanic Area

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