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Latest Work

Latest Work

Below are some of the most recent examples of websites and projects that I have built. Follow the links to see the sites live. I have done most if not all of the graphics design on those sites as well.

If you have a need for any type of website design or development, graphics design, video editing, digital marketing or other, feel free to get in touch with me, and let's talk! I'd love to be a part of your next project.

Table of Contents:

Web Applications

Disc Golf Club Manager

One of the BIG projects that I’ve been working on is a sports management software that I intend to sell as a SAAS (Software As A Service) in the near future. It’s simply called “Disc Golf Club Manager”, and it will be an awesome piece of software for Disc Golf Clubs all over the globe! It is meant to keep up with all Club data including players, events, scores, points standings, payouts, tags, and EVERYTHING that a Disc Golf Club would need in order to function. (This may seem like a very small niche to those who aren’t involved in Disc Golf, but there are literally thousands of clubs around the USA alone, and the need for some sort of management system is huge. It’s an incredibly involved job, done by volunteers, and there is no software that will help do what this does at all.)

I have written the software in Python using Flask, Jinja2 and Bootstrap 4 for those who are interested. I’m not far from a releasable version, and will post a demo and video showing it off asap! In the meanwhile, you can see a few screenshots from it as it is at the moment.

Although not completely finished, you can see a running version that we are using with our club, Middle Tennessee Disc Golf Association (MTDGA) at the following link:

Disc Golf Club Manager @ MTDGA:

Graphics Design

Miscellaneous Flyers & Graphics

I wanted to Showcase a few of the Graphics and Flyers that I have designed as well. Here are just a few that I have put together recently. Click on the image to view larger versions of each one.

Website Design - Flyin' Colors Disc Golf is an online retail site that specializes in custom dyes and all things Disc Golf related.

MTDGA.ORG - Middle Tennessee Disc Golf Association

MTDGA.ORG is the Middle Tennessee Disc Golf Association's website with updated news, events, points series results, etc. Check it out! - Demonstration Church Website is a demo church website that I built as an example for an online training course that I did a while back. It's not a real church, but has everything that a church would need on their website. Check it out!

WebBuild - Online Training for Ministries

WebBuild is an Online Training Course that I built with the purpose of teaching Pastors and Ministries how to build a powerful and effective online presence, without breaking the budget. This is a membership website with 5 modules and over 30 training, step-by-step videos that walk ministries through; Hosting, Building their Website, Social Media, Marketing, Online Collaboration, Online Giving, Customer Relationship Management Software, Graphics Design, Live Streaming, and much more! This link takes you to a free, automated training webinar about fulfilling the great commission and growing our churches in this digital world that we live in...

Website: Journey Church - Rome, GA

"Journey Church" is the church where Jason & Norah were Associate and Hispanic Pastors at before moving back to Tennessee in early 2017.

Website: Charis Church - Kennesaw, GA

Charis Church is a church in Kennesaw, GA, pastored by Rev. Danny and Gwen Griffen, amazing people and great friends of ours.

 Website: The Hand of Hur, Inc - Oakland, MD

The Hand of Hur, Inc. is our non-profit missions organization based in Oakland, Maryland. Skipper and his family has fulfilled most of their ministry and missions work in Bolivia through this organization.

 Website: Skipper Innovations - Nashville, TN

Of course I designed my own website! Hopefully you like it. ;-) Actually, just for those who understand website design, This website was design 100% from scratch. It is built on top of Wordpress using a framework called "Roots" ( Included in that is; Trellis - a Wordpress LEMP stack for development, Bedrock - a Wordpress boilerplate, and Sage - a blank Wordpress starter theme.