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06/25/2014 Bolivia News

Blessed Life

What a blessed life I've had… so far! Although I'm only 38 years young (in my opinion!) and only beginning the most important and fruitful part of my life, I look back and am amazed at all that I've had the opportunity to live and experience. Not many 38 year olds can say that! Over these years, I have seen and experienced probably much more than most. I'm not sure why, other than the fact that when I've felt God's lead, I did it. I've never been afraid of trying new things, nor leaving other things behind. I don't think that I've ever owned a Nike pair of shoes, but my motto has always been "Just Do It!". Lots of failures, and quite a few successes, it's been fun… so far! Still, I believe with all my heart that "The Best is Yet to Come!"

Through all of that, I've learned so much. I've always wanted to blog: share my experiences, learns, thoughts, ideas, errors, and everything else. Why didn't I? For a variety of reasons. In areas of Spirituality, probably one of the biggest reasons was that I've always considered myself somewhat controversial … especially in the Christian arena. No weird theologies or anything like that, I'm just never been much of a traditional type of person. I have never fit in "the mold" that I was supposed to fit into. I ALWAYS try to think outside of the box. I ask WAY more questions than I should about things that "shouldn't" be asked about, I continually try to look at the church and Christianity from the viewpoint of the "unsaved", and as a pastor I am incredibly imperfect and flawed! The LAST thing that I wanted to do was have those who supported us with all of their hearts and love mis-understand me, get upset and stop supporting a work that was and continues to change Bolivia, Tennessee and the world!

I've never wanted to talk much about politics. You speak your mind about one thing, and you have pissed off half of the world! It has DEFINITELY never been worth it getting my $0.02 in (trust me, I have more than 2 cents in that area too!). Why was it not worth it you ask? Because politics is NOT the solution. Changed hearts and minds are. GOD is the solution!

I've never talked much about technology either. I have SO MUCH experience from our time in Bolivia. It didn't take long for me to figure out down there that there was NO ONE who could really help me… so I figured it out myself. Over the next weeks and months I'll share so much about what I've learned along the way. Also, after moving back to the states and getting a job at Apple, I was bound by a non-disclosure agreement, so really couldn't talk much about anything in the technology area!

Just Do It!

Well, the time has come, and I am ready to just let it all out. My purpose is threefold: 1) Spiritual – Get myself and those who read this blog to start thinking about what our TRUE purpose is here in life and as Christians… 2) Technological – Become an intellectual leader in the area of using technology to change the world around us… 3) To Grow! (Our Church, the Church in general, and My Business!) It's going to be fun. I hope that you enjoy it! Follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter. I'll be updating frequently, so stay tuned in!


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