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How to Build an Effective Online Presence for Your Ministry

Quickly, With Zero Technical Skills and Without Breaking the Budget…

Welcome to WebBuild!

Congratulations on taking this step on your journey of building a powerful and effective online presence for your ministry, and ultimately in truly making a difference in your community, city and beyond!

Where do I start?

You can start right here, watching the Intro video above.

If for some reason you haven't had a chance to watch my WebBuild webinar yet, where I dive deep into strategy... you definitely should! You can sign up for that here: https://webbuild.io/webinar 

Afterwards, you can move on, module per module and lesson per lesson as you work your way through the course at your own pace. You can find the modules in the menu, or follow the links below. This course, Webbuild is divided up into 5 Modules + an extra Resources Category.


Module 1

Web Strategy 101 and First Steps

Web Strategy, Naming Strategies, Domain Name Registration, Hosting, Wordpress Installation.

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Module 2

Website Setup & Design

Wordpress Basics and Setup, Building the; Home Page, About Page, What to Expect Page, Contact Page, Blog & Giving Pages, Sidebar and Miscellaneous Tips & Fixes.

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Module 3

Social Media, SEO & Advertising

Setting up domain email and sending mail from your website, social media, SEO, Analytics, Facebook/Instagram Advertising, Maps and Online Reviews.

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Module 4

Church Admin Tools

CRM Software, OwnCloud, Communication Solutions, Online Giving

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Module 5

Creative Ministry Tools

Images and Graphics, Online Collaboration, Online Meetings, Live Streaming through YouTube and Facebook, Planning Center Services, YouVersion Events

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Module 6

Powerful Tools & Resources For You and Your Ministry

Must have free resources, Using sFTP, Accessing the Database

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Original Webinar

Below you will find a recording of the original webinar from WebBuild. It really gives great details into WHY a powerful online presence in so important.