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Creative Ministry Tools
Module 5 - WebBuild

Module 5 Lessons

Lesson 1

Working with Images and Graphics

Module 5 - Lesson 1: In this lesson, we learn about some great image and graphics resources, as well as how to create, edit, & manipulate those graphics.

Lesson 2

G-Suite & iCloud Online Collaboration

Module 5 - Lesson 2: If you aren't using online collaboration tools yet, you have been missing out big time. These are such powerful tools that we have at our disposal for the ministry, and we need to learn to use them to the fullest!

Lesson 3

Online Meetings: Appear.in, Google Hangouts and YouTube Live Hangouts

Module 5 - Lesson 3: Leveraging online video meeting software for your church or ministry.

Lesson 4

Live Streaming through YouTube and Facebook

Module 5 - Lesson 4: Live Streaming today is a big deal. A lot of churches are doing it, and I recommend that you do it too. Many ask if it's productive to have a live stream. I believe it is.

Lesson 5

Planning Center Services

Module 5 - Lesson 5: There are so many tools available for us to use in the ministry. One of those tools that I just love is Planning Center Services.

Lesson 6

YouVersion Events

Module 5 - Lesson 5: Events is a completely free feature inside the YouVersion Bible App that helps users easily connect with church events they’re attending.