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Planning Center Services
Module 5 - Lesson 5
12/15/2019 Module 5

Planning Center Services

There are so many tools available for us to use in the ministry. One of those tools that I just love is Planning Center Services. As we saw before, Planning Center has a whole suite of products, all of which are very good. In this course, I have opted more towards ChurchCRM for the CRM side of things, but Planing Center Services is a tool that I think every one of us should be using. It's indispensable in helping plan your services, organize your worship team, and so much more.

In this video, we are going to dive in deep and learn how to use it to the maximum. Enjoy! https://services.planningcenteronline.com

In this lesson we will learn:

  • A basic Overview of Planning Center
  • An Overview of Plans / Songs / Media / People
  • Learn How to Create Events / Plans
  • Add Items to our Plans Pre/During/Post Service
  • Create Songs w/ multiple Keys and Capo Configurations
  • Link Media from YouTube, Spotify, iTunes & OwnCloud
  • Add Team Members
  • Send Notifications
  • And more!...


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