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Website Setup & Design
Module 2 - WebBuild

Module 2 Lessons

Lesson 1

WordPress Basics & Backend Setup

Module 2 - Lesson 1: Learn the WordPress Basics and getting your site backend setup. How to get started with WebBuild.

Lesson 2

Building the Home Page – Part 1

Module 2 - Lesson 2: Learn how to build your Church's Website Home Page. Web design isn't supposed to be this easy!

Lesson 3

Building the Home Page – Part 2

Module 2 - Lesson 3: In this video, we will finish off the Home Page... and when done... we will celebrate! What an amazing page built in such a short amount of time.

Lesson 4

Building The About Page

Module 2 - Lesson 4: Wow. Give yourself a pat on the back. We have done a ton so far, but there's more. You'll see that it gets easier and easier, and faster and faster as we move along. In this video, we'll build the About page.

Lesson 5

Building the What to Expect & Connect Pages

Module 2 - Lesson 5: Let's build the eye-catching "What to Expect" page that will give site visitors the details that they need. We will also build the "Connect" page.

Lesson 6

Building the Blog & Giving Pages

Module 2 - Lesson 6: We're almost done! Can you believe it? It's hard to believe that we have built an entire website in just a few hours. In this video, we will dive into the Blog and Giving pages.

Lesson 7

The Sidebar, Miscellaneous Tips & Fixes

Module 2 - Lesson 7: We now have a FULLY FUNCTIONING WEBSITE! Now we're going to tie up a few extra details such as the Sidebar, I'll give you some tips and we'll fix a few things that ultimately make our site better.