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E-Mail, Social Media, SEO & Advertising
Module 3 - WebBuild

Module 3 Lessons

Lesson 1

Setting up your Domain Email & Sending Mail from your Website

Module 3 - Lesson 1: In this video, we talk about setting up your church or ministry domain email through G-Suite... the service that I 100% recommend for e-mail.

Lesson 2

Setting Up Social Media

Module 3 - Lesson 2: In this lesson, we go through setting up your church or ministry's Facebook, Twitter & Instagram accounts.

Lesson 3

Connecting Your Social Media Accounts to Your Website

Module 3 - Lesson 3: In this lesson, we are going to learn how to show our Facebook and Instagram feeds on our website.

Lesson 4

Website SEO & Analytics

Module 3 - Lesson 4: Do you have any idea what SEO means? Well, it's time to learn. It's a VERY important variable for success for your church or ministry.

Lesson 5

Facebook/Instagram Advertising

Module 3 - Lesson 5: The new way to advertise is online. Today, we have the ability to advertise to the exact people that we want to reach with a tiny budget... and we as the church should ABSOLUTELY be taking advantage of this!

Lesson 6

The Lost Get Found (Maps and Online Reviews)

Module 3 - Lesson 6: In this lesson, we will learn how to set up Google, Apple & Bing for your church or ministry website.