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The Lost Get Found (Maps and Online Reviews)
Module 3 - Lesson 6
12/15/2019 Module 3

The Lost Get Found (Maps and Online Reviews)

If you haven't already noticed, Maps are an important part of most peoples lives today. When you look a church up online, the first results you see now are a list of churches along with reviews. In this video we're going to make sure that we show up on those Maps too, and I'll give you some best practices that will help in bringing you up towards the top of that list.

Google Maps (Google MyBusiness)

1. Go to https://business.google.com

Log in with your new "Example.com" domain email, or any other Google Email (Be sure to remember which email you are registering your business with)

2. Add or Claim your listing

Often your business may already appear on Google Maps, but you need to claim it.

3. Ensure your details are up-to-date. 

  • Double check your opening hours and phone number
  • Check the Churches images you are using and consider refreshing them or uploading higher res versions.
  • Check no-one has made an edit to your listing and changed the church's website to their affiliate link, have seen this too!

4. Verify Your Listing

Usually done through a mail sent to your Business Address.

Apple Maps

1. Go to https://mapsconnect.apple.com/.

Log in with your Apple ID and password. If you don’t have an Apple ID, you’ll have to get one. There’s no way around it.

2. Select your relationship to your business.

You’ll be prompted to do this on the Add a New Business Page, which you’ll be automatically directed to after you log in. You can either select “I’m the business owner or “I’m authorized by the business owner.”

3. Enter your basic business details.

This is where you key in your business name, primary business phone number and business address.

4. Verify your business phone number.

You will be prompted to allow Apple to call the number you supply. The call will provide you with a PIN code from Apple. If needed, you can opt to “Verify Later.”

5. Confirm your business location.

There are three categories to choose from, each with several business types within, from “Accountants” to “Video/Film Production” and just about every imaginable company type in between. If you don’t see a category that fits, you can suggest one.

6. Confirm your hours of business.

Demarcate the hours you’re open from Apple’s list of seven days and you’re set. If you’re open 24 hours, there are checkboxes for that, too.

7. Add your company website and social media accounts.

Simply type or cut, copy and paste the URLs for them into the fields in the Add More Details section.

8. Review your business information.

To confirm that everything is kosher, click “OK” and you’re done. New listings should appear within Apple’s Maps app within a week at most. If additional verification is required, expect to hear from Apple soon.

Open a Yelp Account

Apple Maps uses Yelp for its online reviews. For online reviews to show up on Apple Maps, you need to create a Yelp Account.

1. Go to https://biz.yelp.com

2. Add or Claim your listing

Create a Yelp Account (If you don't already have one)

3. Complete your Listing Profile

Add your complete Church profile... and tell the best story about it.

4. Verify your Listing

Once done, you will need to verify your listing... Usually through a phone call or a mailed letter.

Bing Maps (Bing Places)

1. Go to https://www.bingplaces.com

Log in with / or create your Microsoft account.

2. Claim your listing

Chances are Bing has a listing for your business already. Claim an existing listing or add a new one. If your business has multiple locations you can add them in one go using the bulk upload tool.

3. Complete your listing profile

Adding complete information about your business helps you tell the best story about your business. You can add photos of your business & services, hours of operation, services offered, and list the various ways customers can reach your business.

4. Verify your listing

Protect your listing from unauthorized changes by verifying it. You can verify your listings by receiving a PIN at your business address, phone or email. All businesses must provide a valid address, but some types of businesses can hide their address in search results.

Get Some Reviews!

Once you setup and verify your accounts, encourage the people in your church to visit these online listings and to review your church! (Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing & Facebook) One warning... don't push people to do this, and don't have them all do it at the same time. Review sites discourage "Solicited" reviews and will devalue or not recommend them if they feel that the reviews were solicited.


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