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Facebook/Instagram Advertising
Module 3 - Lesson 5
12/15/2019 Module 3

Facebook/Instagram Advertising

The new way to advertise is online. Today, we have the ability to advertise to the exact people that we want to reach with a tiny budget... and we as the church should ABSOLUTELY be taking advantage of this!

I have found that the best place to reach out and touch someone is on Facebook and Instagram. Most people spend a great deal of their day there, and we should be there too.

Watch the video to learn how to start an ad campaign. If you didn't know, Facebook bought out Instagram a few years ago, so with the same ad campaign that you do in Facebook, you can publish to Instagram too. Also read some of these great articles below.

A good thing to remember about online advertising for your church is...
  • The point of digital ads is to create CLICKS
  • The point of a click is to produce a CONVERSION (Someone Visits Your Website and Decides to visit your church. THAT is what this entire course is about!)


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