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Website SEO & Analytics
Module 3 - Lesson 4
12/15/2019 Module 3

Website SEO & Analytics

Do you have any idea what SEO means? Well, it's time to learn. It's a VERY important variable for success. "Search Engine Optimization" will make or break your site when people are searching for you online. It's important to set up your website so that Google, Bing, and others KNOW that you have content that is relevant to those who are searching the web. In this video, we will learn just how to do that. We will also open a Google Analytics account and learn how to track visits to our website.

Install the Following Plugins

  • SEO by Squirrly
  • Wordpress Zero Spam
  • Configure both as shown in the video

Google Analytics

You can setup a Google Analytics Account from here:  (https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1008080?hl=en)

Once you have set up your account and added your domain, add your Google Analytics Tracking Code into SEO by Squirrly.

You can follow all stats at https://analytics.google.com


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