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Setting up your Domain Email & Sending Mail from your Website
Module 3 - Lesson 1
12/15/2019 Module 3

Setting up your Domain Email & Sending Mail from your Website

In this video, we talk about setting up your "example.com" domain email through G-Suite... the service that I 100% recommend for e-mail.

Why not install our own Email Server? Good question... I'm glad you asked! Read this wonderful article below from DigitalOcean. In Short, it's complicated and extremely risky. That kind of defeats the purpose of this entire course, since our GOAL is to set up an amazing Web Presence without being a Technological Genius!

Setting up your Domain Email through G-Suite (Google Apps)

  • G-Suite Signup (30 Day Free Trial)
    • G-Suite Signup
      • Non-Profits are able to use G-Suite for free. You first must sign up and then Register as a Non-Profit. See Below for info on how to do that.
    • You can use one of the following promotional codes to get a 20% discount for the first year if you are not a non-profit
      • 993FR6FLDYHY3NP
  • (For Non-Profits)
  • If you have any issues going through the g-suite signup, you can follow this article below.

Setting up your Website to Send Transactional Email's Through G-Suite Mail

  • Download the "Postman SMTP Plugin"
  • Go to Settings and run the "Setup Wizard".
  • Input your Google Domain Email address
  • Add the Name of Your Church in the From Address
  • Choose SMTP - gmail.com:587 & OAuth 2.0
  • Open the "Google Developers Console Gmail Wizard"
  • Either Create a new project or choose the one that you created in the Maps tutorial
  • Go to Credentials
    • Gmail API
    • Web browser (Javascript)
    • User Data
    • Click on "What Credential do I need?"
      • In Create an OAuth 2.0 client ID copy and paste the values from the Postman SMTP Plugin Settings Page
      • Create Client ID
    • Fill in all of the Data that you can
  • Copy Client ID and Paste it in the SMTP Plugin Page
  • Click on your Client ID and get the Client Secret and Paste it in page
  • Grant permission with Google.
  • Send a test Email!

Connect to your G-Suite Email from Your Mail Client

Just go to your mail client, put in your email address and password, and most mail clients will auto connect to the service.


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