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YouVersion Events
Module 5 - Lesson 6
12/15/2019 Module 5

YouVersion Events

What are YouVersion Events?

Events is a completely free feature inside the YouVersion Bible App that helps users easily connect with church events they’re attending. Churches are welcome to sign in at events.bible.com with a free YouVersion account to create their own Events to appear in the Bible App. The free administrative tools for Events make it easy for your church to share key message points, Bible references, artwork, external links, important church news, and more. And, once you save your Event in the system, Bible App users looking for events near them will be able to find yours.

In this video, we are going to learn how to use and create an event in YouVersion!

Go to: https://events.bible.com/en/

  • Create an Event
  • Name the Event and import an image that is 1440px x 810px.
  • Continue filling in event details, including Date, Text, Images, Links, Etc.
  • Publish


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