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How To Build an Effective Online Presence Without Breaking the Budget!

How To Build an Effective Online Presence Without Breaking the Budget!

I imagine that you've noticed by now, but our world is changing… so fast. The world that we grew up in is NOT the one that we live in today. You might love it or you might hate it, but that doesn't change the fact that we are still on mission to "Go into all the world…"!

We live in a digital, online world. People are online from the time they wake up, until the time they go to sleep.

This affects just about everything. Retail, the Music Industry, Hollywood, everyone is trying to find their new identity as our world changes around us.

This affects the church, too. What worked before doesn't work today.

So what do we do? We have a clear mission. We are here to reach our communities, cities, nations and the world for Jesus Christ!

Many believe that it's just plain out harder to reach people today. I disagree. It's not that people are harder to reach, they just speak a different language. They see things differently and they react differently.

I was a Missionary / Pastor / Church Planter in the South American country of Bolivia for 15 years, and I learned very quickly that people there do not respond like people in the United States do. They have a different value system, different things are important to them, they have different life goals, perspectives, world views, etc. Everything is different. In order to be successful at reaching out and growing our church (which we absolutely were), I (not they) had to adapt to that.

We need to understand that we too are missionaries in this online world that we live in.

And here's the truth: If we want our churches to grow, we must INTENTIONALLY and STRATEGICALLY find ways of bridging that gap.

It's so much more than building a website or a Facebook page and hoping that people find us and go to our churches.

I'm a pastor and have been in ministry for over 20 years. I have two passions in life apart from God and my family. 1) Reaching the lost for Jesus Christ and 2) Technology. I am passionate about doing #1 through #2, and over the years I have become very good at doing just that.

If you'd like to learn about HOW you can become much better at reaching out and touching this digital world that we live in, step-by-step, I've built a (now free) course called WebBuild. You can get started by following this the below link.

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I'll walk you through the strategies that I use in building my web presence, and teach you how to apply these strategies to your ministry.


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