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Web Strategy 101 & Decisions to be Made
Module 1 - Lesson 1
11/29/2019 Module 1

Web Strategy 101 & Decisions to be Made

It's time to get started! Are you ready for this? The first part of any journey is figuring out WHERE you want to go, WHY you want to go there and HOW we're going to do it. Makes sense doesn't it? We'll explore the Where, Why and How in this video.


  • Why am I doing this?
    • To reach our community / grow
    • Today, the web is an integral part of what the church has to be.
    • Our world lives online… if we aren’t there, we’re not in their world.
  • Overall Strategy For Your Church Website
    • Good Design & Functional
    • Excellence… Your site is a reflection of your church. It must be congruent to who you are as a church, and it must be excellent. Someone new coming to your site will NOT visit your church if they see a lack of excellence.
  • What People are looking for
    • Who are the Pastors?
      • Do they look like people we’d like to hang out with?
    • When and Where do they meet?
    • What Can I Expect?
    • Authenticity
    • Public Credibility
      • Reviews on Social Media / Google / Yelp
  • Social Media
    • We’re going to get into Social Media strategy later on. First, we’re going to build the base.

Decisions to be Made

In this course, I'm going to teach you many things. Of course, we're going to learn how to build your website and be successful on Social Media, but we're also going to learn how to use quite a few online tools that are available for us today.

  • One of my goals is to give you an amazing setup, without spending a lot of money.
  • There are SO MANY great free and Open Source tools available for us to take advantage of.
  • I'll teach you how to use many of them
  • We will be setting up a hosting account (In Lesson #3 of Module #1) and then install two different software applications on that server... IF you decide to.
    • ChurchCRM
      • Membership managament software for churches
      • Do I want to install it?
    • OwnCloud
      • Dropin Replacement for Dropbox or iCloud Drive
      • Is much more flexible, especially for a church that needs to share with many uses... and it will save you money.
      • Do I want to install it?
        • We'll need a little extra Drive space for that.
        • My recommendation... Do it!


Website Design
& Development
Web Application
Search Engine
Digital PPC
Social Media

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