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CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software
Module 4 - Lesson 1
12/15/2019 Module 4

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software

In this video we are going to talk about online CRM's (Customer Relationship Management) Software for your church. There are many options out there, with each one having it's own advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, most of them are way too expensive. Some may seem relatively inexpensive at the beginning, but once your church begins to grow... it get's out of hand. Sure, as you grow, you have more resources... but I think that it's a waste of money.

I recommend two CRM's overall, and a third one in terms of functionality. ChurchCRM is an extremely powerful, OpenSource and Free software project that I just love. I found this not long ago, and have become an active developer for it. It is continually getting better, and there is an active small community working on it... so if there are issues, they can usually be resolved in a short amount of time. We installed ChurchCRM in Module 1 of this course.

I also recommend BreezeCHMS which is also a very powerful Church Management System. There's one set, reasonable price, no matter how large your church is.

Planning Center has an amazingly powerful and easy to use Church Management System. If it weren't for the extreme price once your church grows, I would recommend it over all others. Having said that, I don't recommend it because of the overall price.

In this video we will go over each of these systems.


  1. Go to the website that you created in Lesson 4 of Module 1 (crm.example.com).
  2. Log in with the credentials of "admin" for user and "changeme" for your password.
  3. Change your password and WRITE IT DOWN!
  4. Setup all of your church information in settings.
    1. This includes connected to Google Maps API and Mailchimp
  5. Add users (Import or create fake data with Seed Data)
  6. Watch the video to see how to use several of the different capabilities that ChurchCRM has.
  7. Read the Docs here: http://docs.churchcrm.io/en/latest/
  8. To report an issue, do so at: https://github.com/ChurchCRM/CRM/issues
    1. Remember, this is an Open Source community, and everyone who works on the project is doing it for free... so don't expect that they will be able to support you in everything, but they will help in all that they can, or point you in the right direction.


  1. Go to https://www.breezechms.com
  2. Go through the Demo
  3. Watch Videos
  4. If you like it, sign up!

Planning Center

In this video we will talk about the CRM portion of Planning Center Online. We will talk about Planning Center Services later on.
  1. Go to https://www.planningcenteronline.com
  2. Sign Up
  3. Watch Videos
  4. If you like it, use it!


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