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Online Giving
Module 4 - Lesson 4
12/15/2019 Module 4

Online Giving

Online Giving is an important part of today's world. We must offer it as a church. Very few people, especially younger generations handle great amounts of cash or checks. Along with online giving, we need to find the best options for our church. There are several services that are offered to churches such as Kindred, Easy Tithe, etc. They work well, but do have their disadvantages (mainly cost).

The solution that I use is GiveWP which is a WordPress Plugin that connects to your online giving accounts (Paypal / Stripe) etc. Paypal has the best pricing for Non-profits, and Stripe is extremely simple. Strip allows the user to put in all of their information right on the website. The free version allows you to work directly through Paypal, and if you purchase paid plugins, it opens you up to many more options. We'll talk about that in this lesson.

Giving Options

  1. GiveWP: https://givewp.com
  2. Kindred: https://kindrid.com/
  3. Easy Tithe: https://www.easytithe.com/


Through GiveWP, you install their plugin and if needed add any addons. Then you setup a Paypal account, Stripe account etc.
  1. Setup a Church Paypal Account
    1. https://www.paypal.com
  2. Download GiveWP (Give Wordpress) Plugin
    1. Setup
    2. Create First Form
  3. If you wish to purchase addons go to: https://givewp.com
    1. Download and Install addons

Giving Page on Your Website

If you are using a service such as Kindred or EasyTithe, you will need to create a button linking to your giving page on their websites.

If you are using GiveWP, let's edit that brick now.

GiveWP Brick

  1. 1st: Text
  2. 2nd: Second Text
  3. Left/Right
  4. Brick Size Settings -> Content-Type Margins
    1. Both Vertical Alignment Top
  5. 1st Controls
    1. Your Text
  6. 2nd Controls
    1. GiveWP Shortcode


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